Cell Goes Crazy
On Friday Dec. 16th a cell went crazy. The nucleus which controls the cell’s activities directed too many steroids to be made on the endoplasmic reticulum. The ER then transported the steroids to the Golgi body for packaging and export out of the cell. The lysosomes and vacuoles tried in vain to keep homeostasis. The lysosomes used digestive proteins made by the ribosomes to breakdown the steroids using chemical reactions. The vacuoles stored as many steroids as possible. The cell membrane was still overwhelmed and let the steroids out of the cell into the blood stream causing a roid rage in the organism. The mitochondria liked all the action, so it kept producing energy from carbohydrates. Fed by this energy the craziness continued until the police arrived and tazed the organism. Steroid production is a natural cell function, so no arrest was made.

(Note the functions of the organelles in the above article.)

Nulceus -

Endoplasmic Reticulum-

Golgi Body -

Lysosome -

Ribosomes -

Valcuoles -

Cell Membrane -

Mitochondria -

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