Organelle Functions in the Cell

Draw both pictures, read below, and then answer the questions.


Basic Organelle Functions:
Many cells in your body act like factories, assembling molecules into various beneficial secretions. The cells that line your mouth, for example, assemble molecules into the slippery mucus that prevents bacteria and other germs from entering your body.

Diagram A represents a cell that produces molecules for the body. Diagram B represents a factory like – a make-believe cell – in which a computer, power plant, and robots are used to represent actual structures in a real cell. By comparing Diagram A with Diagram B, you will learn how the organelles of an actual cell work together to produce molecules for the body.

1. The job of the power plant is to produce energy for the factory. If the mitochondrion has a similar function, what is its job?
2. Which structures in Diagram A are similar to the computer in Diagram B?
3. Which organelles in Diagram A are similar to the robots in Diagram B?
4. If the job of the computer is to control the robots, what do the chromosomes control?
5. If the job of the robots is to make boxes, what do the ribosomes produce?
6. Which organelle in Diagram A are similar to the assembly line in Diagram B?
7. Which organelle in Diagram A is similar to the packaging room in Diagram B?
8. If the job of the assembly line is to bring needed materials to the robots and completed items away from them, what is the job of the endoplasimic reticulum?
9. If the job of the packaging room is to wrap the boxes so that they can leave the factory, what is the job of the Golgi body?
10. To reach the packaging room, the boxes travel on the assembly ..........; to reach the Golgi body in the actual cell, the proteins must be transported by the ............................. ................... (Fill in the Blanks)

Additional Questions:

A. The nucleus has the same functions as a control room in a factory. What does the nucleus do in a cell?
B. A cell wall has the same function as beams and walls in a building. What do cell walls provide the cell?
C. The cell membrane functions like walls, doors, windows, and screens. What does a cell membrane do?
D. Mitochondria have the same function as power plants and wind turbines. What do mitochondria do for the cell?
E. The ER works like assembly or conveyor belts for the cell. What is the function of the ER?
F Golgi bodies work like shipping rooms in a factory. What is the function of Golgi bodies?
G. Ribosomes work like robots in a factory. What is the function of Golgi bodies in the cell?
H. Vacuoles function like storage rooms in a factory. What do vacuoles do in a cell?
I. Lysosomes function like garbage trucks, recycling centers, and exterminators. What do lysosomes do in a cell?