Pendulum Activity
Copy figure 14 on page 362 and answer the question. Learn what concept figure 10 on page 386 is showing.
A pendulum is a swinging mass hanging on a string. Height will be above the resting position of the mass hanging down.
One swing of the pendulum is the mass swinging out from one side and back.
In all the dimensions tested, the responding variable will be how long it takes to swing out and back.
The first manipulated variable will be the release positon of the pendulum measured as a height or angle.
The second manipulated variable will be the amount of mass hanging on the string.
The third manipulated variable will be the length of the string suspending the mass.
Swing time might be more accurately measured by timing three swings and dividing by three if the time is very short.
The release position of the pendulum can be measure as a height or angle.



What proof do you have that objects with different masses fall at the same rate?