Virus vs. Bacterium Mystery Bags

The items in the bag pertain to viruses and bacteria.
Pull items out of the bag one at a time.
Some of the phrases apply to viruses, others apply to bacteria.
Separate these phrases into two appropriate groups.
Make a third group of items that you need to "look up" after after separating the items you do know.
Make two columns on a piece of paper. Title one column Viruses and the other Bacteria.
Write the virus phrases in the virus column and bacterium phrases in the bacteria column.
Numbered items can be in any order.

1. Energy provided by host cell

2. Gets energy by breaking down sugar through the process of respiration

3. Are not cells so they are nonliving

4. Are cell that do all the processes of life

5. Smaller than a cell

6. Are cells without nuclei

7. Enters cells and destroys them like a parasite

8. Not all cause illness or disease

9. Can be prevented with vaccines, but can't be cured with antibiotics

10. Many can be cured with antibiotics

11. Bacteriophages

12. Prokaryote

13. Antibiotics are not a treatment

14. Antibiotics are a treatment for some

15. Can be active or hidden

16. Become genetically different through conjugation

17. Signs of infection may not show for ten years

18. Used to make sourdough bread

19. Uses antigenic sites to attach to host cells

20. Have ribosomes

21. Protein coat covers genetic material

22. Form endospores in extreme conditions

24. Have a cell wall

26. Used to make medication

28. Decomposer break down larger molecules to smaller ones.

30. Can be helpful in environmental cleanup